Promoting research and knowledge on social insects

Encouraging study, publications, and activities in the field of social insects


1) To advance the basic and applied research on various aspects of Social Insects in India.

2) To promote close relationships and wider understanding between the members of the International Union for the study of Social Insects and the Indians working with social insects.

3) To provide a medium for the exchange, discussion and dissemination of current development in the field of social insects by holding meetings/symposia/workshops etc.

4) To publish a news letter on social insects for the benefit of the members.

Dedicated to promoting and encouraging the study of social insects through research, publications, and educational programs.

Promote Knowledge

Encourage research dissemination publications educational programs activities organization congresses symposia recognition awards

Organization Congresses Symposia

The union further pursues these objectives via the organization of congresses and symposia.

Publication Journal Insectes sociaux

Publication of the journal insectes sociaux and recognition of distinguished service with awards.

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Promote study of social insects, research, educational programs, congresses, symposia